The Snark Factor Radio Show

“The Snark Factor is the coolest show with the coolest host (with the coolest name), Fingers Malloy.  If you’re missing TSF, you’re missing out on life.”

—Monica Crowley, Fox News Contributor. Online Opinion Editor, The Washington Times
“I do a lot of media and I consistently have the most fun every time I appear on “The Snark Factor”.  Fingers produces a show with a great balance of humor and news insight very rarely found in any media these days.”
—Carol Roth, CNBC Contributor, NY Times Bestselling Author
“The Snark Factor is a fun oasis in a desert of boring. Fingers brings an upbeat and welcome sense of humor to politics-as-usual. Where would we all be without him?”
—S.E. Cupp, CNN Contributor, NY Times Bestselling Author 
“The liberty movement needs more shows like The Snark Factor. It’s informative, it’s funny, and it’s as cultural as it is political. Too many shows talking politics and policy sound as exciting as John Kerry reading The Economist. TSF is the opposite because it’s unpredictable. It’s like being on Meet The Press, if Chuck Todd had a day-drinking problem.”
—Matt Kibbe, President and CEO, FreedomWorks

The Snark Factor was a one hour radio program, broadcast live four days a week on FTR Radio. Fingers Malloy, along with Thomas LaDuke and one of the lovely Snark Factor News Babes, discuss the news of the day, pop culture and interview some of the biggest names in politics and the media. Previous guests of the show include:

Glenn Beck
Jedediah Bila
Jackie Bodnar
Andrew Breitbart
Pat Caddell
Steven Crowder
Monica Crowley
Senator Ted Cruz
Allen Covert
S.E. Cupp
Richard Dreyfuss
Erick Erickson
Tabitha Hale
Governor Nikki Haley
Mary Katherine Ham
Roger Hedgecock
Rep. Pete Hoekstra
Scottie Nell Hughes
Matt Kibbe
Ben Kissel
Amy Kremer
Stephen Kruiser
David Limbaugh
Chris Loesch
Dana Loesch
Dr. Gina Loudon
Michelle Malkin
Gavin McInnes
Ed Morrissey
Larry O’Connor
Katie Pavlich
Kerry Picket
Governor Mike Pence
Tim Phillips
Kristina Ribali
Carol Roth
Kurt Schlichter
Bill Schulz
Bo Snerdley
Erik Telford
Kat Timpf
Donlyn Turnbull
Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher

The Snark Factor News Babes

Tracy Connors – Monday, Thursday


Tracy Connors despises referring to herself in the third person, but that was the assignment so…

You may have seen Tracy L. Connors (or some misspelled variation) listed in the credits of such award winning productions as Marley and Me, Blue Valentine, and Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling.  When she’s not attached to two walkie-talkies chasing after unruly cast members, you can find her at the South Jersey shore (note Snooki and crew run in North Jersey) with her nose in a book or getting pummeled by waves whilst attempting to surf.

Tracy sums up her political philosophy as follows: get off my lawn, don’t steal my stuff, don’t tell me what to do, and your business is none of mine until you ask me to pay for it.

Amy Miller – Tuesday

Amy Miller is an almost-lawyer from East Lansing, Michigan. She’s also the left’s worst nightmare. When she’s not locked away in the law school giving her opinion on “what Scalia would do in this case,” she spends her time battling her identity politic-driven classmates, lusting after Adam Levine (even though he’s a dirty liberal), and playing with her conservative friends on Twitter. She likes Lady Gaga, Harry Potter, and high fashion, and ignores anyone who uses this as an excuse to question her conservative cred.

She doesn’t want the government in her house, bedroom, or car, and she promises to never use her law degree to send them into yours. Her pastimes include making comedians laugh, progressives scream, and establishment Republicans run for cover. Amy is excited to be a part of FTR Radio, and can’t wait for the day when her lefty friends finally start tuning in. FTR is lucky to have her because, as one of her professors recently put it, “she’s brilliant.” You can find Amy on Twitter and Facebook, on her personal blog, and contributing at The College Conservative.

Ashe Schow – Wednesday

11994493_10106642218248233_1663907664_n Ashe Schow is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner and the Senior Political Columnist for the New York Observer. She is also a Heritage alum.

She currently resides in Virginia, though she claims no state as her home as she’s lived all over the country. Florida and New Jersey come the closest.

Being a single female millennial, she has two cats – Shadow and Charlie – that she won’t shut up about. She also plays video games and watches movies in the little free time she has.