Snark Factor 175 with S.E. Cupp

Posted on March 15th, 2012 by Fingers Malloy

S.E. Cupp joined us to discuss Andrew Breitbart, Keith Olbermann and the state of the GOP field.  Later, Tania Gail answers questions about love during “Tania Gail’s LoveShack.”

Tania Gail and Thomas LaDuke are The Snark Factor Players.

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Snark Factor 161

Posted on February 21st, 2012 by Fingers Malloy

Topics include Keith Olbermann’s comments about rape and the occupy movement, the Cancer Sucks fundraiser and Duke’s new liquor of choice.

Molly Teichman and Thomas LaDuke are The Snark Factor Players.

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Snark Factor Morning Update-We Say Goodbye To Keith Olbermann

Posted on January 24th, 2011 by Fingers Malloy

Farewell friend…

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Snarky 6 – The Six Unknown Demands Of The Discovery Channel Gunman

Posted on September 1st, 2010 by Fingers Malloy

Earlier today, a heavily armed leftist nut-job by the name of James Jay Lee stormed the Discovery Channel Communications building in Maryland. He was motivated by his hatred for human population growth and babies that kill Mother Earth.

Hopped up on Al Gore lies and Sanka, he had a list of demands that he wanted met before he would release any hostages. For the entire text of his demands, click here.

The situation is now under control after police shot Lee. No word yet if he decided to not have the bullets removed–and relieve Mother Earth of the burden of his existence.

As you know, The Snark Factor is never satisfied unless we do our own research. I discovered six of Lee’s demands not reported by any other media outlet. This is the kind of  journalistic excellence that has not been seen since the Teapot Dome Scandal.

The Lee 6–in his own words.

1- Bring back Crystal Pepsi. I loved drinking it with slow gin.

2- I want an autographed picture of Menudo. The original lineup, NO TRICKS!

3- I want a Toyota Prius filled with the following items; 6 copies of An Inconvenient Truth, Keith Olbermann’s hair brush and a ball cap that was worn by Michael Moore.

4- I want my own show on MSNBC. In fact, give me Ed Schultz’s time slot. I also want his bucket of crazy.

5- I specifically want the 15 minutes of fame owned by D.C Douglas, minus the vinegar scent.

6- I want a beer summit with President Obama at the White House. The guest list will include Kathy Griffin, Dustin Diamond, the ghost of Gary Coleman, Carrot Top, Linda Lavin, John Cusack, Joan Cusack and Snookie.

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We Need Pamela Gorman In Congress

Posted on August 23rd, 2010 by Fingers Malloy

Last month, I along with a few peeps from the FTR Radio crew made my way to Vegas for Right Online. Needless to say a good time was had by all.

Over the course of the weekend we met a lot of people running for office. I really dislike talking to politicians. Most give off a used car salesman vibe.(My apologies to used car salesmen everywhere)

I will never forget a major candidate running for governor that I interviewed last year in Michigan. In the course of a quick 5 minute interview he must of used the word “grassroots” 62 times.

Me; “So why do you want to be governor.”

Him; “Well the grassroots of the grassroots makes me think that the grassroots of the grassroots is grassrootyness. Yes we can.”

I am sick of focus groups and opinion polls dictating what a politician thinks, says and does. One of the reasons why we loved Reagan so much is that he had a set of core beliefs that we knew would shape his worldview. That is leadership–making decisions by focus group is follow-ship.

Why am I bringing this up? That weekend at Right Online I met Pamela Gorman. Pamela is running for Congress in Arizona’s 3rd district. I had heard of Pamela after the fallout from her gun shooting campaign ad that almost made Keith Olbermann’s head explode.

She’s different.

She lets her core beliefs guide her actions and her words. I know I am not alone in believing in her, all the folks on the FTR Radio leadership team feel the same way.

There has been a lot written about the campaign in Arizona-3. Some of the best coverage of the dirty politics in this race can be found on the Arizona Right to Win Blog.

I highly recommend you check out that blog. I believe if Arizonans do their research they will realize that Pamela Gorman is the only grownup in the race.

She is conservative and will fight for the things we believe in; limited government, lower taxes, a balanced budget and secure borders. She is what we need in Congress right now, please vote for her tomorrow Arizona…

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