Jason Chaffetz fails to explain concept of trade-offs

Posted on March 7th, 2017 by Tracy Connors

Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) early today on CNN, bricked what should have been a gimme layup. Instead of explaining the idea of trade-offs: if your budget is limited you will have to make choices based upon that limitation. Sometimes that choice may include whether you will pay your health insurance premium or purchase a new iPhone. A person who prioritizes having insurance over having the latest and greatest phone (laptop, sneakers, designer jeans, etc) will choose to pay their premium, whereas a person with different priorities may choose to purchase the gadget. Neither actor is wrong or irrational per say, they are simply making choices based upon personal value judgements.

Chaffetz’s bungled answer sent internet morons digging and guess what they found? Pictures of Chaffetz using an iPhone! This proves, um I’m not exactly sure what this proves, Chaffetz has health insurance through his job as a Congressman (thank us taxpayers very much Congressman) so he hasn’t been put into a position where he needed to decide between buying a new phone or paying his premium.

This is what happens when you’re afraid to discuss hate facts. Here’s one that is applicable to the discussion at hand: the majority of people living below the poverty line can (in most cases, yes I know there are exceptions but focus people!) absolutely afford to pay for their premiums. How do we know this? Census data tell us that people living below the poverty line have smartphones, cable television, DVRs, computers etc. they have chosen to prioritize these things over health insurance.

Whenever anyone even attempts to point this out, they are called heartless, cold-blooded, evil, mean, blah blah etc. It may be a harsh thing to say but it’s the truth, and the truth not only doesn’t care about your feelings, the truth doesn’t give a shit about your bank account. If you choose to buy a tv and pay for cable, and a phone and pay for service, in lieu of paying for insurance, you’re telling the world that you don’t place a high value on insurance. So when the Democrats begin to whine about this, which they most assuredly will, they need to be repeatedly asked: why should a complete stranger be forced to foot the bill for people who value their healthcare less than they value a cell phone?



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