Jason Chaffetz fails to explain concept of trade-offs

Posted on March 7th, 2017 by Tracy Connors

Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) early today on CNN, bricked what should have been a gimme layup. Instead of explaining the idea of trade-offs: if your budget is limited you will have to make choices based upon that limitation. Sometimes that choice may include whether you will pay your health insurance premium or purchase a new iPhone. A person who prioritizes having insurance over having the latest and greatest phone (laptop, sneakers, designer jeans, etc) will choose to pay their premium, whereas a person with different priorities may choose to purchase the gadget. Neither actor is wrong or irrational per say, they are simply making choices based upon personal value judgements.

Chaffetz’s bungled answer sent internet morons digging and guess what they found? Pictures of Chaffetz using an iPhone! This proves, um I’m not exactly sure what this proves, Chaffetz has health insurance through his job as a Congressman (thank us taxpayers very much Congressman) so he hasn’t been put into a position where he needed to decide between buying a new phone or paying his premium.

This is what happens when you’re afraid to discuss hate facts. Here’s one that is applicable to the discussion at hand: the majority of people living below the poverty line can (in most cases, yes I know there are exceptions but focus people!) absolutely afford to pay for their premiums. How do we know this? Census data tell us that people living below the poverty line have smartphones, cable television, DVRs, computers etc. they have chosen to prioritize these things over health insurance.

Whenever anyone even attempts to point this out, they are called heartless, cold-blooded, evil, mean, blah blah etc. It may be a harsh thing to say but it’s the truth, and the truth not only doesn’t care about your feelings, the truth doesn’t give a shit about your bank account. If you choose to buy a tv and pay for cable, and a phone and pay for service, in lieu of paying for insurance, you’re telling the world that you don’t place a high value on insurance. So when the Democrats begin to whine about this, which they most assuredly will, they need to be repeatedly asked: why should a complete stranger be forced to foot the bill for people who value their healthcare less than they value a cell phone?



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Snarky 6- The Six New Services That Should Become “Rights” After ObamaCare Passes

Posted on March 19th, 2010 by Fingers Malloy

Democrats have done a marvelous job making many Americans believe that treatment provided by a doctor is now a right, instead of a service.

A 2,300 page health care bill that a majority of Americans still oppose will be up for a vote on Sunday. If it passes, I think the Dems should go further, and attempt to turn other services into rights. Here are my top 6 services that I believe Democrats can turn into rights.

1. Free food. Sure we have food stamps, but that’s not enough. Chain grocery stores (I call them Big Grocery) make billions of dollars every year while Americans go hungry. The government should pass a 2,300 page bill to reform Big Grocery. Yes food prices will skyrocket, but in exchange, every American will get a free bottle of Yoo-Hoo chocolate-flavored beverage.(mmm Yoo-Hoo)

2. Free WiFi. Let’s face it, the Internet should be a right. Millions of Americans have no way to access the Internet to watch porn (an argument that will sway several Senators) or worse yet, many still use dial up. This must end. 2,300 pages later and we will bring back AOL, Prodigy, NetZero and CompuServe!

3. Free cell phones. Today, millions of disadvantaged teenagers are forced to walk around without phones, while the rich teen-aged spawn of Republicans use their iPhones to text their friends about their fantastic health insurance. Do you know how that makes these poor teenagers feel?

4. Free cars. Everyone needs an automobile and the government already owns GM and Chrysler. This is a match made in heaven. Sure it will cost a lot, but my buy a car for everyone plan will reduce the deficit by 150 billion dollars over the next 10 years. I base that savings on the fact that I am arrogant and figure that you are too stupid to look anything up or ask any questions.

5. A free house. Do I have to explain myself on this one? People are hurting. Are you trying to say that everyone shouldn’t have a house? What kind of jerk are you? Don’t you have a heart? In fact, we don’t need 2,300 pages for this. Your house is paid for. That will teach your bank. (I call them Big Mortgage)

6. Free Willy. Who didn’t love that movie? I mean come on, a kid freed a whale that was being held captive by a ruthless human being, who was only using that poor whale to make a profit. Profit is evil.

The good news, all this will be paid for by raising taxes on Bill Gates. Trust me: Do not do any research to try and catch me lying my ass off. Just listen to the mainstream media for its analysis. The media is spot on.

I just realized something. My list may give you the false impression that Dems may not like the private sector. I do not want to give you that impression. They only hate:

Big Oil, insurance companies, the auto industry(pre-government ownership), talk radio, Big Tobacco, Big Coal, Wall Street, restaurants that use salt, soft drink companies, the US military, Halliburton, banks, cable television companies and *Al-Qaeda.

* It was a toss up between putting Al-Qaeda last on the list or “Big Cable”. I know the Dems hate them both, but in the end I heard Al-Qaeda provides health insurance for its suicide bombers. The same can’t be said for cable company employees with “pre-existing conditions”.

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