Episode 5 on WAAM 1600 AM: School Lunches, Repeal Failure, and E-Cigs [podcast]

Posted on April 2nd, 2017 by Tracy Connors

Fingers revealed that his kids’ schools keep track of what they order at lunch, which is more than a little bit creepy. Are your kid’s lunch buying habits being tracked by their school? What is being done with this information? Are the schools selling it to Big Junk Food? It’s just so odd and gross.

The seven-year-in-the-making-ObamaCare-repeal-effort failed in spectacular fashion last week.


This is terrible for Trump.
Not so fast. Scott Adams believes the failure of the Trump/Ryan repeal effort is a good thing, because it destroys the “Trump is HITLER!” meme.

With the failure of the Ryan healthcare bill, the illusion of Trump-is-Hitler has been fully replaced with Trump-is-incompetent meme. Look for the new meme to dominate the news, probably through the summer. By year end, you will see a second turn, from incompetent to “Competent, but we don’t like it.”

Why yes, it is rather un-Hitler like to acquiesce to the democratic process. So out with the “Trump’s a dictator” and in with “Trump’s an incompetent boob who can’t navigate Washington so we probably shouldn’t be so frightened.”

Just don’t expect this change to happen overnight. This new reality in which Trump is not in fact an evil dictator will come into focus slowly for some. If Adams is correct, and thus far he has been, we’ll see most of the “resistance” people moving into the competent camp by the end of the summer.

Outrage outbursts certainly aren’t abating. This week pompous windbag Bill O’Reilly, had the temerity (word of the day kids!) to say that Rep Maxine Waters appears to be wearing a James Brown wig.

Eh, not exactly Bill but close enough I suppose.

Having eyeballs and using them to notice similarities is of course racist. So poor old Bill is getting hammered for his comments. Might feel sorry for him if he wasn’t such an ass.

CrowdStrike, the cyber security firm that told the FBI that the Russians totes hacked the DNC server, and the FBI took their word for it, is back in the news this week.

CrowdStrike had to make changes to their December report linking the Russian hacker group “Fancy Bear” to a hack that targeted the Ukrainian military, because they got just about everything wrong. But they’re still totally correct about “Fancy Bear” being behind the DNC hack. Uh huh.

Do you work for the DNC? Well you better get cracking on writing a letter of resignation. Via The Hill:

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has asked its staff to submit resignation letters as the party goes through a shakeup after a rough 2016 election cycle.
Shortly after former Labor Secretary Tom Perez became the party’s chair in late February, the DNC requested resignation letters to be dated April 15, giving Perez the ability — should he choose — to launch a large-scale reorganization.
Obtaining the resignation letters eases the process for deciding who to keep, regardless of how many are eventually let go.
How many heads will roll?
If you thought the “Mattress Girl” story was over you were sadly mistaken. The man she accused of raping her, Paul Nungesser, has been battling in court for years to try to salvage his reputation. Ashe Schow at Watchdog.org has all the sordid details here are some of the highlights:
 A former Columbia University student who is suing his alma mater for failing to stop his accuser from publicly harassing him has lost in court a second time.

For the second time, a judge has dismissed Paul Nungesser’s lawsuit against his university. This time the complaint was dismissed “with prejudice,” meaning the former Columbia student can’t make any more appeals.

Nungesser and his attorneys filed their original complaint in April 2015 but amended it in July of that year following his graduation. Manhattan federal judge Gregory Woods issued the ruling March 24.

The Nungesser’s original complaint:

Despite being found “not responsible” numerous times, Nungesser was treated as guilty in the media, which continued to fawn over Sulkowicz’s art project. When the two graduated in May 2015, Sulkowicz was told she could not carry her mattress on stage, but she wasn’t stopped from doing so anyway. The school had previously sent out an email banning large objects at graduation. It seemed at the time like allowing Sulkowicz to bring her mattress on stage would help Nungesser’s lawsuit, but it didn’t.

Nungesser sued Columbia for allowing her to publicly harass him through her art project. During the senior art exhibition, Sulkowicz not only displayed her mattress, but also drawings she had made of her alleged rape, including drawings of Nungesser’s genitals.

In his first dismissal of Nungesser’s lawsuit, Judge Woods claimed the gender-based discrimination claim rested on a “logical fallacy.”

“He assumes that because the allegations against him concerned a sexual act that everything that follows from it is ‘sex-based’ within the meaning of Title IX. He is wrong,” Woods wrote. “Taken to its logical extreme, Nungesser’s position would lead to the conclusion that those who commit, or are accused of committing, sexual assault are a protected class under Title IX. The statute does not permit that result.”

But Woods’ description would also affect accusers of sexual assault. Title IX has been used as a gender discrimination claim in sexual assaults because women are the primary accusers; therefore, not responding to their claims is somehow discriminating against them as part of a class.

Nungesser’s lawsuit was more complex than other Title IX lawsuits brought by male accused students. He was arguing that Sulkowicz’s art project — and the school and professor that sanctioned that art project — was harassment, since his name was leaked to the media and he was humiliated on campus. Nungesser returned to his native Germany after graduation, believing he couldn’t get hired in the U.S. after the negative media attention.

Judge Woods didn’t buy the harassment argument, and in a 46-page decision, wrote Columbia couldn’t have perceived that he was being harassed based on his gender, rather than his relationship with Sulkowicz.

One of Nungesser’s attorneys, Philip Arwood Byler of Nesenoff & Miltenberg, told the New York Post that he was determined to continue fighting the case.

“I’ve scanned the opinion and my view is that it’s mistaken,” Byler said. “We think we have a good appeal. We’re going to have to go to the 2nd Circuit [Court of Appeals] and get it done right.”

Makes your brain hurt doesn’t it?
And finally, also from the brain pain files, comes this lunacy via the NY Post:

Gov. Cuomo’s Department of Health last week released survey data that he’s using to bolster his case for a $12 tax on 30 ml bottles of vaping liquids and a ban on vaping indoors. Yet the survey data — and much other evidence — undercut his case.

That hasn’t stopped legislators from piling on with efforts to ban coupons for vapor products, prohibit sales in pharmacies, ban flavored e-liquid and even ban the sale of liquid used in vapor products altogether. State Sen. Kemp Hannon (R-Nassau) says he’s reached an agreement with Cuomo to pass the vaping ban.

The first thing the governor, Hannon and other legislators fail to recognize is that e-cigarettes aren’t tobacco products. E-cigarettes contain no tobacco. Most contain nicotine, which is heated in a flavored liquid to produce an aerosol users inhale. But nicotine isn’t exclusive to tobacco. The same nicotine is used in nicotine gums and patches used to help smokers quit.

Scientists have recognized for years that people smoke for the nicotine but die from the smoke, which contains thousands of harmful chemicals. E-cigarettes contain no tobacco and produce no smoke. While we may prefer living in a fantasyland where teens never engage in any risky behavior, the Health Department report demonstrates that New York teens are actually making better, more health-conscious choices.

The party that claims to have a monopoly on the love of science sure doesn’t seem to understand it all that much.


Has science on the verge of solving the biggest problem of our times, then hangover?  Via the Daily Mail:

SunUp is the brainchild of Margaret Morese, a senior molecular, cellular and developmental biology Major at Yale, and Liam McClintock, a senior D1 athlete involved in Greek life at Yale.

‘Hangovers cost the U.S. over $200 billion according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention,’ the team shared on their Indigogo page.

‘That’s about $1.37 for each drink consumed by Americans!’

‘Together with your help we are aiming to prevent the damaging effects of alcohol on the body, terrible feelings of hangover, and productivity lost due to alcohol hangovers.’

If you want to contribute to their crowdfunding campaign you can do so here.


That does it for this week’s news. We’ll be back next Sunday with an all new Enough Already Radio. All episodes will be posted to SoundCloud. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and TuneIn, or follow us on facebook.

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Episode 4 on WAAM 1600 AM: Wikileaks, House Intel Committee Hearing, and Wiretaps [podcast]

Posted on March 26th, 2017 by Tracy Connors

Wikileaks added more docs to their Vault 7 caché. This week’s addition “Dark Matter” contains some more interesting revelations about what the CIA has been up to:

Also included in this release is the manual for the CIA’s “NightSkies 1.2” a “beacon/loader/implant tool” for the Apple iPhone. Noteworthy is that NightSkies had reached 1.2 by 2008, and is expressly designed to be physically installed onto factory fresh iPhones. i.e the CIA has been infecting the iPhone supply chain of its targets since at least 2008.

While CIA assets are sometimes used to physically infect systems in the custody of a target it is likely that many CIA physical access attacks have infected the targeted organization’s supply chain including by interdicting mail orders and other shipments (opening, infecting, and resending) leaving the United States or otherwise.

They have the ability to plant their tech on your phone before you even take it out of the box. But we should totally believe that they would never exploit this in order to obtain information on whomever they so choose right? Right.

Keeping the new revelations in mind,  ‘member when Trump sent out this tweetstorm (a phrase a despise only slightly less than nothing burger)?

The media and democrats were of course aghast, how dare Trump accuse No Drama Obama of the Scandal-Free Administration of such treachery!

Many minds were lost. And too much time was devoted to discussions of the President’s tweets.

According to a report compiled by the Media Research Center three days after Trump’s tweetstorm (apologies):

Since Saturday, when Donald Trump first took to Twitter to accuse former President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower, the morning and evening shows of ABC, CBS and NBC have devoted 107 minutes, 33 seconds to refuting the President’s claim.

This over dramatized story should have died down in the wake of the first Wikileaks Vault 7 release, which confirmed what many already knew; our intelligence agencies can access private information via just about any electronic device they want (except microwaves) and/or turn that device’s listening capability on remotely and secretly. Which roughly boils down to: they can spy on EVERYONE. Last I checked, EVERYONE includes Trumps and his campaign team. Should probably just keep those alternative facts to myself, because the left has a narrative to push and the life of that narrative matters most of all.

Which brings us to this week and the much anticipated House Intelligence Committee hearing about

The perpetually offended defenders of the Deified Obama, didn’t want to miss a chance to clear his holy name, so FBI Director Comey was asked to respond to Trump’s twitter allegations.

The FBI Director, whose credibility and motives we attacked mercilessly by Democrats during the 2016 campaign, just said Trump’s tweets are total bs. Comey is officially back in the good graces of the Democratic Party hallelujah! Let the celebrations begin!

Hold up, what’s this?

More on Rep Nune’s press conference from Bloomberg:

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes said Wednesday that the U.S. intelligence community collected multiple conversations involving members of Donald Trump’s transition team after he won the election last year.

He said the intercepts he’s seen appear to be legal and weren’t targeted at the transition team or related to Russia. But he said he was troubled by the collection — which he said was part of unrelated foreign surveillance — and the fact that the intelligence community reported the names of transition team members internally.

“I’m actually alarmed by it,” Nunes, a California Republican, told reporters at the Capitol. “Details with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value were widely disseminated in an intelligence community report,” he said. He said he didn’t know if Trump’s “own communications were intercepted.”

Well that’s rather odd. Didn’t Comey say that Trump was full of it? Hmmm who to believe? A politician or an IC agency chief? I’m gonna go with neither.

For those who have been following the RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! story and were disappointed to learn nothing in the way of new information from Monday’s five hour long House Intelligence Committee hearing, here’s a BFD to add to the story that I picked up this week from people who actually are engaged in investigative reporting.

Are you ready for this? The FBI wasn’t ever granted accessed to the allegedly hacked DNC server.

Yes, you read that correctly, the FBI hasn’t performed its one forensic investigation of the DNC server, rather is has relied on an assessment provided to them by the DNC’s contracted cyber security firm CrowdStrike.

Lee Stranahan has been following the ‘Russia hacked the US elections!’ story doggedly since last summer, and this week he published several pieces that contain information no major media outlet has previously reported. This comes from a monster of a piece that was published at Breitbart (emphasis mine):

On January 10th, Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee and made a stunning admission: despite “multiple requests at different levels,” the Democratic National Committee had denied the FBI’s requests to examine the servers themselves. Instead, the FBI took the word of Crowdstrike, who Comey called a “highly respected private company.”

The hyperlink Stranahan included in the above paragraph takes you to a Hill piece with the headline, Comey: DNC denied FBI’s requests for access to hacked servers which provides greater detail about the DNC’s refusal to grant the FBI access to their servers, and their subsequent lying about said refusal.

The DNC told BuzzFeed in a statement published last week that the FBI never requested access to its servers after they were breached.

But a senior law enforcement official disputed that characterization the following day.

“The FBI repeatedly stressed to DNC officials the necessity of obtaining direct access to servers and data, only to be rebuffed until well after the initial compromise had been mitigated,” the official said.

“This left the FBI no choice but to rely upon a third party for information. These actions caused significant delays and inhibited the FBI from addressing the intrusion earlier.”

CrowdStrike, the private security firm in question, has published extensive forensic analysis backing up its assessment that the threat groups that infiltrated the DNC were associated with Russian intelligence.

Of course this piece of the story hasn’t gotten major play in the news cycle. Perhaps our media betters, and the FBI Director know something we the plebs don’t about the credibility of CrowdStrike’s report. Surely if the FBI is willing accept their findings they have a sterling record.

Stranahan demolishes CrowdStrike’s credibility in a piece he published on Medium. The story is rather convoluted and the constant references to hacker jargon can make it difficult for non-programmers like me to follow, but Stranahan’s piece and this one from Voice of America are worth slogging through. Stranahan’s piece gives a detailed timeline of the unraveling/debunking of a report CrowdStrike published in December of 2016.

The report lays out the supposed evidence that a Russian hacking group CrowdStrike has dubbed “Fancy Bear” (this is the same group CrowdStrike says is behind the DNC hack) then planted their signature malware “Agent X” (again this is the malware CrowdStrike says was used to hack the DNC server) in an update for an Android App on military forums used by Ukrainian military personnel.

Apparently the Ukrainian military personnel are so careless about OpSec, that they are willing to download updates to their Apps from rando internet forums. Sounds totally plausible. Once the Ukrainian military rubes installed the update onto their phone, Agent X went to work. The exploit allowed Fancy Bear access to the position data of Ukrainian D-30 howitzers, turning them into sitting ducks. According to CrowdStrike, this resulted in the loss of 80% of Ukraine’s D-30 howitzers.

There is one minor problem about CrowdStrike’s report (which is broken down in greater detail in the Voice of America piece previously referenced), the Ukrainian Defense Ministry says they haven’t lost 80% of their D-30 howitzers. Oops.

If you’re looking for a more detailed version of the CrowdStrike, Fancy Bear, Agent X, DNC and Ukrainian military “hacks” story, I highly recommend this piece by Justin Raimondo over at AntiWar.com.

Even though the Ukrainian military wasn’t hacked by Fancy Bear, they may be the reason Rep Adam Schiff seems so hell bent on pinning blame on the Russians. Or more accurately I should say, arming the Ukrainian military. Turns out one of Schiff’s big financial backers stands to gain big league if the US decides to strengthen its support of Ukraine in their on-going conflict with the Russians.

From Justin Raimondo at AntiWar:

Schiff is betraying his own rather specialized interests here: on July 18, 2013, a fundraiser for Schiff’s reelection campaign was held at the home of Ukrainian arms dealer Igor Pasternak in Washington, D.C. Price of admission: $2,500 a head, and $1,000 for guests. Why is Pasternak such a fan of Schiff’s?

The answer may be found in a Washington Times story published in January, headlined “Ukraine Desperate for Surveillance Equipment in Stand Off With Russia,” which details the efforts of the Ukrainian government to get around the Obama administration’s reluctance to provide them with the “defensive weapons” Schiff is so eager to shower them with

So Rep Schiff is chummy with Ukrainian arms dealers eh? Gee I wonder if Schiff’s correspondence with Igor is being surveilled…

Then finally we have dear old Donna Brazile. You know Donna, the Good Christian Woman who understands persecution. The woman who has never told a lie in her life.

Donna finally decided to come clean to Time and admit what we all already knew, she fed townhall debate questions to old Hildo’s campaign.

My job was to make all our Democratic candidates look good, and I worked closely with both campaigns to make that happen. But sending those emails was a mistake I will forever regret.

Took you long enough Donna.

Guess all is forgiven now, so she’ll just go back to getting paid to run her mouth on television and work on campaigns. Because justice.

That does it for this week’s news. We’ll be back next Sunday with an all new Enough Already Radio. All episodes will be posted to SoundCloud. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and TuneIn, or follow us on facebook. Check the feed often, you never know when we’re going to drop an Enough Already Bite.

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