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Posted on October 26th, 2016 by Tracy Connors

This week on the big show Fingers and Tracy talk about the latest Wikileaks email dump. This one contained a thread showing the Clinton campaign in a tizzy because Obama had just lied on television, saying he didn’t know Hillary was using a non-state email address.

Then the conversations turns to Team #NeverTrump who has written several new (no)think pieces this week blaming Limbaugh, Hannity and Laura Ingraham for Trump’s rise, their originality should be commended. The #NeverTrump “journalists” also took time out of their busy pearl-clutching schedules to attack Breitbart for “coordinating” with a left-wing agitator even though nothing of the sort took place.

Next it’s onto a mini celebration because Pennsylvania’s former AG a democrat and a woman is going to jail and former democratic Congressman Chaka Fattah isn’t too far behind her! Closing things out is a run-down of the worst Halloween costumes of the year.

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Many Shocking Incidents Occur after Health Care Bill Passed. Not Reported by MSM!

Posted on November 9th, 2009 by Fingers Malloy




As you all know, is fair and balanced. We are not some partisan rag like the Los Angeles Times. Many strange things happened after PelosiCare passed the House of Representatives on Saturday night. None of these occurrences were reported by the main stream media.  When the media drops the ball, picks it up and runs it in for a field goal…….Yeah.

Were all of the strange happenings listed below a coincidence? I think not my friend… 

It was revealed after the vote that Page 612 of the Pelosi Health Care Bill states; “Everyone is to be covered by this bill except Fox News employees.” 

Speaker Pelosi then introduced a bill that would send 39 Congressional Democrats and Joe Lieberman to Guantanamo Bay. President Obama promised that if the bill passes, he will sign the bill “present.”

In exchange for Rep. Anh Joseph Cao’s lone “Republican” yes vote on the PelosiCare Bill, President Obama offered Cao the DVD’s he gave Gordon Brown…

In a stunning move, Speaker Pelosi announced after the vote that her new target is hunger in America. “We need to provide free food for people that can’t afford it. Every night, millions of Americans go hungry while major corporations like Kraft Foods and Wal-Mart make billions of dollars. We will take down big grocery.”

In an office building in Harlem, New York, former President Bill Clinton was the angriest man in America.

After PelosiCare passed, the corpse of Ted Kennedy rose from the dead. He celebrated by getting drunk and driving his car into the river. 8 hours later, he told the Boston Herald, “I was confused.”

You can thank me later for reporting what the media covers up…

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