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Posted on October 26th, 2016 by Tracy Connors

This week on the big show Fingers and Tracy talk about the latest Wikileaks email dump. This one contained a thread showing the Clinton campaign in a tizzy because Obama had just lied on television, saying he didn’t know Hillary was using a non-state email address.

Then the conversations turns to Team #NeverTrump who has written several new (no)think pieces this week blaming Limbaugh, Hannity and Laura Ingraham for Trump’s rise, their originality should be commended. The #NeverTrump “journalists” also took time out of their busy pearl-clutching schedules to attack Breitbart for “coordinating” with a left-wing agitator even though nothing of the sort took place.

Next it’s onto a mini celebration because Pennsylvania’s former AG a democrat and a woman is going to jail and former democratic Congressman Chaka Fattah isn’t too far behind her! Closing things out is a run-down of the worst Halloween costumes of the year.

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