TuckerGate–The Daily Caller Is Making Some Palinistas Sound Like Liberals

So this is delicious. In a complete kill the messenger moment, the Twitter has been blowing up over a Daily Caller piece regarding disgusting comments that Mike Tyson made about Sarah Palin. To read Tyson’s comments, check out Jeff Poor’s column here.

This got many Palinistas hysterical. But the target of their hysterical, liberal like over- reaction wasn’t the bat shit crazy Mike Tyson–no it was The Daily Caller. Why the Daily Caller? For printing his comments.

That’s right. New memo to everyone that writes stuff on the internets–you can not report anything that is said about Sarah Palin without a Palinista signing off on it…ever! If you do write about Palin without approval, it can only be a fluff column–you know, stories that her mere presence in a room can cure Scurvy and prevent the gum disease Gingivitis (you get the idea).

I could post links to several blog posts by several Palinistas who are outraged by The Daily Caller, but I am still trying to recover from my massive eye-roll (I will not even get into their tweets).

But of all the blog posts I have seen regarding TuckerGate, the worst offender was Greta Van Susteran. Her blog post was a peach. This is just the first paragraph:

I really don’t understand my friend Tucker Carlson.  He owns the website The Daily Caller and it currently has on its front page the most vile story — referring to a sex act with Governor Sarah Palin as a “womb shifter.” It is even the headline. Do you know what that means?  Figure it out  It is really vile.  It is not just smut…this is violence against women.

Talk about winning the 2011 Hyper-Sensitive Award for Hyper-Sensitiveness (I am a wordsmith).

Greta, you sound like a liberal. The faux-outrage here is sickening. You want to play the over the top outrage game? Okay, I can play too.

Greta, I like you. I really do. But you have a career in broadcasting based on your work as a legal analyst for CNN during the O.J. Simpson trial. (For those of you too young to remember the original O.J. Simpson trial, CNN covered it ad nauseum. It turned a double murder trial into a game, picking daily winners and losers. Greta, you remember that right?)

You want to talk about violence against women? Someone (O.J.) brutally murdered Nicole Brown Simpson by repeatedly stabbing her to death. I could go further into the details, but writing about such events would make me a smut peddler–and would condone violence against women…or something.

CNN sensationalized a brutal double murder. They did so because they wanted more viewers. They were ratings whores.

You profited from a double murder based on CNN’s wall to wall, almost cartoonish coverage of that trial.

You got a career from that…own it.

And now you are outraged by a website that printed (but didn’t glorify) comments made by a world famous athlete? Hypocrisy much?

For someone like Greta Van Susteran to criticize the Daily Caller for sensationalizing a story when she has made a career doing the very same thing is gross. If it were not for shows like Greta’s, Casey Anthony would not be a household name.

There. My liberal like, hyper-sensitive moment is over.

So we were all just supposed to ignore the fact that a former heavyweight champion of the world made ugly comments about Sarah Palin? Really?

Did we ignore Wanda Sykes when she said of Rush Limbaugh–“I hope his kidneys fail”?

Did we ignore a British film company when it made a mockumentary about the fictional assassination of President George W. Bush?

I can go on and on with examples of ugliness spewed at conservatives that we didn’t ignore, but I would need a nap.

The Daily Caller did nothing wrong.


Oh, and P.S.

Greta. If he would agree to it, you would have Mike Tyson on tonight to discuss his disgusting comments. But I suppose that’s okay, because it’s on Fox News.




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9 Responses to “TuckerGate–The Daily Caller Is Making Some Palinistas Sound Like Liberals”

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  2. RichardNC says:

    Heh! Look at all of the comments. You must be some kind of damn big time blogger. I’m not sure why I’m wasting my time.

    Anyway, I think the problem is how the Daily Caller printed the original article with the words ‘Tyson’s best zingers’ and without the added disclaimer of their newfound disgust at Tyson’s vile words. After the added disclaimer they act as if they did the article for all of the disrespected women of the world as a part of a new agenda of ‘we support women, hear us roar’ moment. I don’t buy it. Why not do all of that in the original article?

    This change in the article only occurred after Dan Riehl ran a figurative big old black stallion up Jeff Poor and the Daily Caller’s ass. I’m sure the effete crew at the Daily Caller enjoyed it even if they deny and whine about it now. The men at the Daily Caller seem like the type that would keep a dildo near them at all times.

    So, according to Fingers Malloy, he would be fine seeing an article in a national publication discussing a female member of his family having their womb shifted by a big old black stallion. I hope Fingers gets that chance. Not at the article. No one would give a shit about him or his family, but hopefully a female member of Malloy’s family will meet a ‘wombshifter’ in the future. A big old black stallion ripping them apart because it’s no biggie. Right Fingers?

    If one of your female family members is lucky enough to meet a ‘wombshifter’ one day, whether by choice or not, please blog about it. If you don’t then you will look like a hypocrite. Be sure to include as many details as possible.

    I will be checking back at this site hoping to see your blog post with all of the details. Oh, also if you have an encounter yourself with a big old black staliion penetrating your ass please blog on that as well. Thanks in advance.

  3. John Gamalski says:

    What a great article. About time someone put these Palinistas in the place they belong…right next to the Paulbots

    As for this tool that commented above. Dan Riehl had ZERO to do with anything…Ohhh except that he collects a paycheck from whoever will hire him and he is probably on the take for Palin right now or else he would just be talking bad about her too like he does everyone at these events. He got blasted about whether or not he was on Palin’s payroll Sat and could not even offer a a yes or no answer. Why? Because he was owned on it. Also it seems that the previous poster is infatuated with stallions or something. Better have that looked at skippy. You might end up in jail or something.

    Keep up the good work you stupid #$%^&*$^%

  4. Fingers Malloy says:

    Why did you bother Richard? Did you bother to write ESPN and Comedy Central noting your disgust with them having Mike Tyson on their shows? Or are you more disgusted by a publication reporting them?

    If Tyson were referring to a member of my family on a radio show the way that he did about Palin, I would hope that YOU would post those remarks. I would hope the NY Times and every national publication would post them. If they would, then Mike Tyson wouldn’t be on ESPN or Comedy Central anymore. But in YOUR world, we will just let Tyson be Tyson and move on. Nothing to see here.

    If you have a beef with how the DC wrote the piece, that’s fine. But the backlash that Tucker Carlson is taking, being treated worse than the guy who actually made the comments is laughable.

    Oh, and your hero Greta is having Tucker on her show tonight to discuss the article. Wow she must really be offended huh? Are you going to be all over Greta for trying to get a few extra viewers by interviewing him?

  5. RichardNC says:

    John, I was just quoting Mike Tyson. That’s what we are supposed to be doing so we can expose Tyson and save all of the disrespected women in this country.

    This ‘tool’ knows that the Daily Caller only added the disclaimer and changed towards the ‘we love women, hear us roar’ mantra after Riehl went after the original article. Why did they change the article to add the disclaimer? I would think they would have done that to start with, but they didn’t and then they threatened Riehl with a lawsuit for pointing out something strange on Jeff Poor’s FB page. Riehl hit a nerve.

    Fingers hasn’t put the ‘Palinistas’ in their place. Where is that place anyway? What should we do with Palin and her supporters? Any ideas John? What candidate do you support? I always notice that those going after Palin never dare mention their candidate of choice.

    Fingers, I’m not sure how Comedy Central got involved in this story. I missed that part, but yes I am a little more disgusted with the Daily Caller. If ESPN would have had Tyson on Sportscenter or ‘Mike & Mike’ then things would be different. The small mumber of people who heard Tyson’s rant on this local ESPN affiliate station are very small compared to the number that got them word for word from a national website like the Daily Caller.

    It was a matter of a local station having on a convicted rapist to offer his thoughts on an alledged story that shouldn’t be anyone’s damn business to start with. Are we now going to require every american to detail the people they have and have not had sex with throughout their life. Who will be next?

    I don’t see how any of this is relevant or a news story. What do you expect to happen now? Everytime a man disrespects a woman that it should be publicized, denounced and scrutinized? That’s ridiculous and impossible. Exposing Tyson doesn’t hurt him, it only hurts the Palin family. Of course for people like John above that is fine. Put Piper Palin in her place and hope she hears this vile crap about her mother. Right John?

    Fingers, I will take you at your word and believe that you would want an uneducated rapist talking about a female family member, but that seems odd and there is no way that it would help your female family member. Exactly how would it hurt Tyson more than it would hurt your family member?

    So if someone responded to a report that a niece of yours was raped or consented to sex and met a ‘wombshifter’, you would want that reported on a national website to expose the person that said your niece met the ‘wombshifter’? Wow. I’m sure your niece and others in your family would just love that. I don’t see how that helps anyone and it sure as hell wouldn’t hurt the jackass running his mouth about your family.

    I have a problem with the merits of how this is a news story, but also the sneaky added disclaimer and the bullshit mantra of ‘we are women, err, we support women, hear us roar’ from the Daily Caller. I’m not buying that after Carlson’s tweet about Palin losing in Iowa, but winning in MILFistan, or whatever the hell he wrote. How many chances does Carlson get?

    Anyway, I haven’t sent or exchanged tweets or emails with Carlson. I asked Jeff Poor a few questions about the point of the article and the same thing I did with you about an article with regards to his female family members. He never said yes or no.

    I don’t have a bigger problem with Carlson and the Daily Caller than I do Tyson or ESPN, but to think that Tucker Carlson and Fingers Malloy are going to stop women from being disrespected by making it public everytime it happens is what is laughable. Good luck with that and please don’t write about your family for God’s sake. I was just trying to make a harsh point and not prompting you to embarrass any female family members.

    Greta is not my hero. I’m not sure what Greta is doing and could care less. I’m watching football and I don’t watch Fox News or any of the other cable networks. I agree with you that whether Greta realizes it or not she is helping to highlight Tyson’s rant and is no better than Carlson.

    Anyway, I’m tired of this dead horse. I need to go read Alinsky so I can be a better liberal now that you’ve informed me of what I’ve become. Thanks.

    I will check out this website again. I enjoyed the discussion.

  6. Fingers Malloy says:

    Dead horse indeed. I should be watching football right now.

  7. RichardNC says:

    John, thanks for the advice. Now you’re my hero.

  8. John Gamalski says:

    Dick…may I call you Dick?

    Your place is right with the paulbots driving off into the sunset singing songs about whatever it is that the voices tell you to sing.

    The story stands by itself without a disclaimer. You don’t like the story..sorry. That sucks. This does not hurt Palin or her family at all to think otherwise shows a lack of intelligence. Palin will be fine and has handled much worse.

    As for who I am supporting? Whoever the hell the GOP nominee is. Even if Palin were to jump in right now. She isn’t but that is another story. I suggest you put a couple of more ice cubes in the kool aid and have a pleasant evening. It only will get harder from here and you need to thicken up that skin of yours Dick.

  9. RichardNC says:

    Hmmm, not sure what happened with your post John. It’s now below mine.

    Like I said, thanks for the advice. Off to get some ice cubes for my kool-aid.

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