I Too, Had An Inappropriate Physical Relationship With South Carolina Gubernatorial Candidate Nikki Haley

This is probably the most painful blog post I have ever had to write. As many of you know, there has been a possible sex scandal brewing in South Carolina. Blogger Will Folks claims that he had an “inappropriate physical relationship” with Republican Gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley.

From The Telegraph.co.uk:

Republican hopeful Nikki Haley, who became front-runner to be South Carolina governor after she was backed by Sarah Palin, has been accused of having an affair with a conservative blogger.

The mother-of-two, 38, whose husband is a United States Army reserves officer, has been hit by allegations she had a “physical” relationship with commentator Will Folks.

The controversy erupted when Mr Folks posted a statement on his website claiming that “several years ago, prior to my marriage, I had an inappropriate physical relationship with Nikki. That’s it”.

Mr Folks offered no proof and later posted links to 26 articles covering his claim, stating that he had “uncharacteristically shut his pie hole in the wake of this morning’s seismic revelations” and would maintain his silence.

Why do I bring all of this up? Because I too had an inappropriate physical relationship with Nikki Haley (I called her my Nikki-Bear).

She ended it, to start whatever she had going on with Will Folks.

I keep asking myself–why did she dump me for him? I will never forget the time she let me paint her while we were on the Titanic. Sure we were just dumb kids, but those memories will last a lifetime. At that moment, she made me feel like I was king of the world.

But after a while I knew we were on the rocks. I told Nikki that I changed the number on the back of my jeans from a size 32 waist to a 31. She freaked out. She told me that I wasn’t sponge worthy.

I tried to win her back. One time I sat outside her window all day holding a giant jam box over my head–and played the same crappy Peter Gabriel song over and over and over again.

Hours later when she finally came outside, all I could say was:

You had me at hello, you had me at hello.

Next thing I know, she’s not answering my phone calls.

I, like Will Folks–have text messages to prove what Nikki-Bear and I once had. Here’s my proof:

—— SMS ——
From: Dick Cheney
To: Fingers Malloy
Sent: May 14, 2010 09:23 AM

There. I think I have made a convincing case. The evidence is clear. I have wild stories and a text message that may or may not be completely made up. Nikki-Bear and I had something special–and she left me for that poser Will Folks.

My accusations, along with Will Folk’s story must be true. We are both bloggers. When have you ever been misled or got bad information from a blog?

Wait, why is this a scandal again?

*Warning, the preceding blog post may have no basis in fact.

H/T Robert Stacy McCain

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