Liz Cheney is the New Frontrunner in 2012, Thanks to My Endorsement in the NY Times.


Today the political landscape changed in Washington DC. Many pundits on both sides of the political spectrum were shocked by Liz Cheney’s immediate spike in recent polls. Why the sudden love for Liz Cheney? It can be tracked to this quote in the NY Times.

“The future of the Cheney message,” added a conservative blogger who goes by the name of Fingers Malloy (a rare man in this crowd, and even rarer, one with a Mohawk). He also called her “one of the fresh faces of our movement.”

Reaction to the endorsement was swift. James Carville said;

“I can’t believe Malloy is in her camp. What does this do to other conservative candidates?  Well let’s just say they should give her the damn nomination right now.”*

Paul Begalla is worried about how this will change voter turnout in 2012.

“Clearly Fingers is the voice of his generation,” said Begalla. ” We thought President Obama was the voice of youth, clearly we were wrong.”*

Ann Coulter was shocked.

“I thought I was the woman that Malloy admired most. I don’t know what to believe in anymore.”*

The endorsement even rocked Hollywood. Speaking of the quote in the Times, Kathy Griffin said;

“I’m busy sucking the life out of America. Go find someone with less talent than me to speak with, if that’s possible.”*

There has been no reaction yet from Cheney’s camp. But word has spread that 2 cases of champagne was sent to her office, along with balloons and streamers.

 *Warning! Quotes may not be real… Malloy has a vivid imagination….

To read the entire article click here.

And a special thanks to Smart Girl Politics. It was their Smart Girl Summit that made all of this possible. You ladies rock!

Smart Girl Politics

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2 Responses to “Liz Cheney is the New Frontrunner in 2012, Thanks to My Endorsement in the NY Times.”

  1. Andrew Riley says:

    Along with Jesus and Batman, you are my hero. Viva la Fingers!

  2. Hmm… if you are exerting so much influence with potential conservative candidates, maybe I should run against Feinstein….


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